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Why I Love Oysters
Poems by Kathleen Lynch
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Kathleen Lynch has assembled a remarkable collection of poems that explore the theme of hunger in surprising ways. Winner of a Pushcart Prize as well as other awards for both poetry and fiction, Lynch has published numerous books and chapbooks. Why I Love Oysters displays the full power of her work.

Is this why God made us human
and opposed our thumbs so
we could climb
through centuries of knowledge and geometry
back to the place we knew first–
newborn, blind & only by instinct
nuzzling to suck
what would hold us here?    

                                         —-(from “Hungry”)

Love’s Meditation
Poems by Laurie Hailey, Mary Eichbauer, Deborah Bachels Schmidt, and Johanna Ely
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In Love’s Meditation, four poets reveal their love for the world and their concerns for its future. Love’s Meditation is a book about families: mothers, grandmothers, fathers, grandfathers, and children, and how our families define us. The poems connect the poets to each other and to the world around them. As Laurie, Mary, Deborah, and Johanna conduct this poetic symphony, one voice emerges from their poetic meditations: a voice that calls for hope, and reminds us to pay attention to this world we share.

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