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Bob Stanley leads poetry seminars online.

Bob’s Poetry Seminars help writers appreciate a wide range of poets and poetic styles. Tuition goes to support small Northern California nonprofits. For more information, contact Bob at Here are some of the classes we’ve held over the years:

California Poets – based on Dana Gioia’s anthology, this class provided an historical overview of poets from the Golden State from 1700 till today.

Black Nature – working with Camille T. Dungy’s remarkable anthology, we spent 6 weeks exploring both old and new voices from Black poets in America.

Seven American Women Poets – Starting with Emily Dickinson, we covered 7 poets including Bishop, Rukeyser, Bogan, Lorde, Giovanni, and Ryan.

Yeats and Eliot – a six-week review of two critical 20th Century writers.

Robert Frost, Marianne Moore, Edna St. Vincent Millay, and William Carlos Williams

Wallace Stevens – Six weeks in depth on the quirky poetry and philosophy of the reclusive Hartford insurance man

Poetry Summer Camp – two meetings a week for six weeks, looking at a historical overview of poetry from Gilgamesh to Gluck. Plus writing prompts and small-group workshops. Poetry Summer Camp fills your summer with poetry and poets!

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Warrior Poet

Warrior Poet
Selected Poems of NSAA – Lawrence Dinkins, Jr.

67pp. Paperback

Warrior Poet includes poems from NSAA’s previous books,
which were published by little m press. This collection reveals
the passion of his poetry, and shows how the wide scope of his writing style ranges from ferocity to humor. A perfect introduction to one of Sacramento’s most important poetic voices.